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Monarch Waystations

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It’s kind of strange writing about butterflies in the beginning of Winter, but like I learned just recently, you have to build your potential NOW. The more I talk to people about the butterfly, the more I see how much potential there is to help.  To start now so that when that time of year comes again, nature can be pleasantly surprised when she awakens. It is amazing when I see how close we are to losing a species and how close we are to bringing awareness to change this. Visit to find out how to donate today.

Here is just one way you help when you give:

Establish a Monarch Waystation: I remember my family’s trip to the nature center in Annandale, VA.  The staff at the center were pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable.  Upon arrival we were escorted into a room of about 20 children with their parents.  The presenter was already well into her presentation about the butterflies (we are always late).  I got a prime seat as she went through step by step the process of tagging the Monarch.  Beginning at it’s already formed and hanging chrysalis, we are explained to and taught the next stage. The butterfly is then tagged and released.  What I was most surprised to find out was how big the Monarch is! Holding one in your hand really proves how big things really do come in small packages!

Also be sure to find a Monarch Waystation in your neighborhood at


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